Thursday, February 6, 2014

Father shot while texting daughter's babysitter in movie theater...

Wow.... this stand your ground law is really something else. You cant even go to a movie theater and watch a movie anymore without wondering if someone will get shot! The subject at hand is from the latest news regarding a 71 yr old police officer shooting a person for texting in a movie theater. In my own opinion, this is what happens when idiots/cowards get their hands on firearms, ill go in to detail about that later. It looks like this all started out in Wesley Chapel, Florida (go figure) with 2 moviegoers.... one texting during the movie...the other pissed off about it. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing worse than some douche that doesn't have the decency to at least put their phone on vibrate during a movie i paid to watch. If i can do it, they can too.

But this is taking things way too far. 71 yr old retired police officer Curtis Reeves (Right side of picture) had serious words with the texter over this very issue. When he couldn't have his way, he walks out to find a manager. He comes back minutes later after striking out and another altercation took place, only this time Chad Oulson (text victim with wife on left side of picture) wasn't so lucky. Voices raised..... anger levels elevated... somehow popcorn was thrown at the grumpy old cop.... then a shot was fired. Mr Oulson was shot, his wife trying to protect her husband was also shot (hand) all over something that wasn't that serious at all.

In my attempt to make this story as concise as possible, quite a few details were left out. The bottom line is this, far too many people gather metal courage with a gun by their sides. They are less apt to look for another way to handle things and as a result of this, people die. Is the victim Chad Oulson to blame in this case? Or is the shooter? Why did this even have to come down to one person loosing their life? In my eyes the shooter was too lazy to find another way to handle the situation. He did try to find a mgr...but gave up after a couple minutes. If a man lost his life by this guy for texting during a movie... how many people lost their lives on his watch as a cop that didn't deserve to?

I'm not, nor will i ever say all guns should be taken away. I have a safe full of guns. I don't have to walk around parading mine though. I don't see the need to. I feel like people in some states use guns unnecessarily and hide behind these laws that only protect a certain few. People loose their lives every day because nobody wants to take the time to find ways to not only de escalate, but resolve situations before they get blown out of proportion. I don't care what type of environment you come from, there is always another way. Here you have a man that lost his life all because a RETIRED police officer (with a history of complaining about people on their phones in theaters) somehow felt threatened by popcorn being thrown in his direction. Why look for a manager again when you can just shoot the guy right? I can only hope this is the most expensive bullet he will ever pay for. Cops treat almost everyone like a suspect, they have the shortest tempers of anyone known to man, people that should not have guns usually have the most...and carry them everywhere, and people die just trying to use their right to free speech. Reeves in being charged with second degree murder...good. Only in America is it this bad. Can we guns allowed and use the same system in place for college games? Metal detectors and security at the doors? My condolences to the family involved.

Ok people...leave a comment and share your thoughts on this one...

Monday, February 3, 2014

The power of a magazine...

Today's world barely has time for anything at all. Everything is being made faster to accommodate a faster pace in life. Video sites like YouTube are still prevalent, but up and coming sites like "vines" are beginning to take over. Nobody has time for even a 3 minute video....our maybe they are too impatient? I guess that's another blog. This brings me to the subject at hand.

Magazines have been around for decades. Anyone who was anyone would be found in a magazine. For some people, magazines helped them gain popularity which may have in turn boosted their career.

We all know times change by the minute. Now websites pose a threat to magazines because people are on the internet more than anything. A link to an article someone with a large following posted...could do the same as a magazine article. Maybe even cost the artist less money.

My question is this. Are magazines (hard copy) still the way to go in this day and age? Or should an up and coming artist be looking towards having articles posted on major websites?

Let me know what your thoughts are! Comment and share...thanks!

Monday, November 18, 2013

If there is more to this story that someone knows, please let me know. What i watched made me extremely upset. The son, trying to protect his mother...has a felony now...all because she flips out and runs from the police. What was the officer supposed to do after he had to chase her down..... apologize for pulling her over? How much of an idiot do you have to be to disobey a direct order given by a cop and expect things to go smooth? Other officers pull up shortly after this incident escalates.... a cop shoots at the van as she speeds off....AGAIN!!

Do i think that cop was in the wrong for shooting? Cant really say to be honest. Does he know there were kids in the car? I do have to say...when the first cops runs towards his car, there is no doubt he saw the cop with gun drawn. Maybe he could've said there were children in the car and that situation ends different? That minivan was NOT going to outrun a cop car. There is always a safer way to tone the situation down. That being said...i believe that goes for both the officer and the driver. All this happens because of that woman. Her son and kids almost died because she was too ignorant to just turn the damn car off and take the ticket. Before i hear anyone talkin about racism in reference to these cops... just keep in mind, all she had to do was take the ticket like the rest of us. This woman and her ignorance just screwed her sons life up and almost ended it trying to protect his mother even tho she was CLEARLY in the wrong. Leave a comment! What are your thoughts??

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The dilemma of an indie artist

As if things aren't hard enough for the indies already. We gotta post an endless amount of music every month to keep people drawn in due to the market being flooded with mediocre music. The majority of us have to do all of our own promo, find shows, network... the whole 9. Most of what i named off  are things we all should be doing anyways, whether we have managers, promo/street teams or not.

But what makes it all just a bit harder and at times extremely deflating is when you have vultures in the mist..... you know... the promo teams all over twitter with the "if ur serious about your music career" messages, or the "i can get your song to 64,000 dj's" messages... or even better the internet radio stations that act like they are in love with your music, tell you to click a link and sign up for an interview, come to find out...there's a fee for the interview!

Then you have these artists that aren't in the big leagues just yet.... but bigger then most of the indies in the crab bucket. They want money for web services that they can't even prove to be effective.... and have the nerve to talk bad about indies who don't jump on board. You see them out there... they talk shit about the indies.. "if ur too cheap to pay this or that to further ur career as an artist...blah blah" ive heard and read tons of posts that start out just like The thing is, there are way too many snakes in the game right now.

 A lot of these sites that give opportunities for top ranking artists have stat sheets that can be tweaked. You pay some person to give you 20,000 facebook likes or a million friends on myspace, or a billion twitter followers and your rank shoots thru the roof. Why work hard for followers like i do when you can just pay for them...smh.

This is a small portion of the dilemma we face as an indie artist. Not all of us are drug dealing trap rappers like what they want you to believe. We may very well have kicked out thousands of dollars to get an album recorded,  mixed, and mastered that we saved up from a hard job workin over 40 hrs a week. Not all of us have the ability to pass out hundreds of cds because we live in a smaller city, so it costs more because we have to travel just to get our music out there. The last thing we need is a bunch of snakes taking money from people that are trying by all means to live out their dreams. They prey on the hungry artists... because established artists already know the ins and outs, who to deal with, and the best route to take.

Spend your money wisely, make good music, and do as much as you can by yourself. You can pay for it... or you can hold your head up high knowing that you earned the support and fans from doing things the honest way. Quite often what you pay for...will be to learn a lesson on who to trust. Spend your money wisely, make sure you get what you are paying for when it comes to radio play, website showcase packages.... you name it. PEACE!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Giant!! The new release from DEEBO MAC's 2013 album...Lucrative Lyrics is here now! If you have not heeard this heavy hitting ensemble of lyricism... DO SO NOW!! Click play... leave a comment.. and hit that like tab..all before you share it! Keep hip hop alive. You will not always find real hip hop on the radio or tv...this is proof! Stay tuned and God Bless.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Charles Ramsey....the hero.

Talk about crazy huh? You can live right next door to someone... know everything about them, yet not know anything about them at all. Cleveland Ohio's own.. Mr. Charles Ramsey(43) knows all about that one! Living right next door to someone who had kidnapped 3 young girls, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michele Knight and had held them captive for roughly 10 years.

Ramsey says he was eating in his home when he heard screams coming from next door. He like any other neighbor or concerned citizen went over to check things out. It was at that moment when he stumbled upon a young woman that was presumed dead pleading for help, trapped on the other side of his neighbors door. Amanda Berry, after explaining her horrific situation to Mr. Ramsey was then freed thru the bottom of the door he somehow managed to pry open. She then told him...there were other girls in the house that couldnt get out. A call to 911 was made and officers arrived within minutes to free the other two girls from the home. Its not very often that stories like this pop up and end on a happy note. Call it what you may, i say Charles Ramsey was in the right place at the right time..... did the right thing... and deserves credit for it. Not bad Mr. Ramsey.... not bad at all.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tips for hip hop artists...

Im a firm believer in the fact that noone will know what you are going thru better then someone going thru it. That being said, id like to take a second to talk to all the indie/underground artists out there in the mix..... fighting to keep their dream alive. A few things ive learned along the way are used as motivational fuel that keeps me driven. One of which is the fact that only a few of us are blessed with handouts.... family in the business already that can give you the insight, more times then few a studio to record in, tips on perfecting your craft, and the most important of all.... a fanbase already in place to follow you with one simple name drop. The rest of us are the hard workers with no choice but to start from the ground and build a foundation.

That being said, you have to remember that every person that takes time out to listen to your music... is someone that stopped what they were doing (even if they were just listening to someone elses music) just to listen to yours. Treat them as a new customer in your newly started business. At the end of the day, that's exactly what they are. The key is repeat business..... for that you need good product, when you have good product... people are happy enough with it to talk about it. This alone is the cheapest yet most effective form of promo.

Next on my list is... interact with the people... even those who may not like your music. If they dont like the genre thats one thing, but if they dont like your need to tap in to their issues with it. This is the only way you will be able to better your product. Not every person is a hater, the way you go about doing things just might suck...for now.

Third thing on my list, and most likely the last thing i will speak on is the fact that YOU ARE NOT FAMOUS!!! You are trying to be famous. Stop acting like a damn diva and remember that without all those people supporting you, you may not have got to the spot in this business youre in now. That is the main thing that will make you loose fans. Be humble and respect those who have helped you along the way. Whether you just started making music, or youve been making music for 10 years. You still need the people.

Like i said earlier.... im out here doing the same thing all of you are doing. Im not talkin out of my ass acting like a Monday morning Quarterback. The tips i named off are tips that i figured out along the way, or things i did wrong and figured out they needed to be changed. Noone will ever do for you. Stay focused, drivenand remember.... there are a million artists in the game now. The minute you stop to take a breather..... 20 of them will pass you.

I wanna thank all you for reading this article, i hope it helps some of you looking for a couple tips in your journey. Lets make good music for the people..... the money will come. Never loose that love for what you do. Peace!!